Since 2008 HMRC has recognised Champion Bowland as a charity so taxpaying donors can provide an extra 25% by completing a Gift Aid declaration ( pdf)

All the Forest of Bowland walking maps and leaflets are available free of charge. Visitors are usually willing to make a small donation to Champion Bowland in recognition of the value of this information. Participants on Festival Bowland events, especially where there is no, or a small, charge are also invited to make a donation.  Collecting boxes are available contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 01200 448000.

Champion Bowland has raised money through the distribution of Forest of Bowland pin badges and continues to offer the collecting boxes for small cash donations to tourism operators.

Champion Bowland would like to expand the work with local visitor-oriented businesses to run 'Visitor Giving'. This is where the business invites its customers to include a donation with their payment for goods or services. This works best when the donation is linked with a specific project in the vicinity.

Here are some suggestions for you:-

  • Suggest an optional donation added to the cost of a stay
  • Or an optional donation on to the price of meal or a cup of tea
  • If you lend out maps, guide books or binoculars ask for a small donation
  • Sell the Forest of Bowland Badges (see above)
  • Organise a specific event to publicise your business and raise funds for Champion Bowland 

For example, the Three Fishes Restaurant at Great Mitton invited their diners to contribute 20p each towards the Tramper for Hire project: to promote the Bowland Experience Tramper (a 4 wheel drive, off road mobility scooter) and also to improve and promote a number of Tramper Trails throughout the AONB.

Craig Bancroft and Peter Robinson present a big cheque for £8,500 to Trustee Ann  Shaw for the Bowland Tramper Project, raised over a year by inviting diners to donate 20p each. (February 2012)

If you have any ideas for innovative visitor giving schemes, please let us know.



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