More about Champion Bowland

Grants for small scale environmental projects in the Forest of Bowland AONB

Champion Bowland is a private company limited by guarantee, and is recognised as a charity by HMRC.

Champion Bowland currently has four trustees who meet regularly to appraise grants and plan activity.

The trustees are: Martin Charlesworth (Friends of Bowland), Brenda McLoughlin (Spread Eagle, Sawley) Paul Reynolds - Chair (The Traddock, Austwick) and Janet Sharp (Height Top Farm Holiday Cottages, Higham).  Mike Pugh will be joining as a trustee from 1 August 2017.   

Its registered office is YDMT, The Old Post Office, Main Street, Clapham LA2 8DP and its Company number is 6994972. 

Champion Bowland is supported by the Forest of Bowland AONB Unit.

Contact us c/o Kettledrum, Root Hill Estate Yard, Dunsop Bridge, Clitheroe, Lancs BB7 3AY  01200 448000

Annual Reports


AGM Nov 2016 Minutes (pdf)

Annual Accounts 2015-2016 (pdf)

Annual Report 2016-2017 (pdf)

AGM Nov 2015 Minutes approved (pdf)

Annual Report 2015-2016 (pdf)

AGM Nov 2015 Minutes draft (pdf)

AGM Nov 2014 Minutes approved (pdf)

Annual Report 2014-2015 (pdf)

Annual Reports 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 (pdf)

2014-15 Annual Accounts (pdf)

2013-14 Annual Accounts (pdf)

2012-13 Annual Accounts (pdf)